What is Gamechangers?

Gamechangers is a network for all those interested in Innovation. We are comprised of large and small enterprises, research institutions, government organisations, and students.


  • Gamechanger Joe Rutland is changing the way we see our waterways shot2

    Joe Rutland is an Electrical Engineer by training, but is currently working on his Pedalcraft Tandem programme. This is a novel pedal powered river tandem which uses your legs to give it steam, and a rudder for ease of steering. After a continuous process of trial and improvement, the flagship product, the Tandem has been … Read more…

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Connect with other innovative minds to develop your business and discover its potential. We provide Innovation training to learn the skills and techniques of using innovative thinking to make a difference. 

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Becoming a student member of Gamechangers gives you access to amazing resources and opportunities. You'll get the opportunity to meet innovators in industry, attend training bootcamps to gain innovative skills and then learn how to put them into practise.

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We work with research institutes to provide their staff with the tools and skills necessary for innovation. 

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